My new world

Hi, I am Shrish Deshpande. I came to this world on 21st September 2005. 

When my webpage is developed, I was 8 weeks old baby.  

I am enjoying a lot. These are the things I do.

 1. Sleep – A lot                        

2. Feed – Quite often

3. Play – Rest of the time !!

4. Smile – When some one talks to me

5. Roll Over- WOW..!! I Started Roll over, when I was 14 weeks old

6. I ate my 1st solid food, Rice Cereal, on 4th February 2006, 

on Rathasapathamy day. I love this food.

7.I started Crawling when I was 6 months old

8. I got my 1st two lower Teeth, When I was 61/2 months old and 

got the upper 2 tooth when I was 7 months old

9. I am trying to stand with support by holding things

when I was 71/2 months old

10. I started walking with support when I was 8 1/2 months old

11. Wow..!! I am standing all my my self. with out any help. 

when I was 10months old

12. Hooray..!! I have started walking now. I am 11 months old now

13. I had my Jawal/1st hair cut function when I was 11months old at Tirupati

on 15th Aug 2006

14. Its so much Fun, When you are going to be ONE

Yes..!! I am going to be 1 YEAR OLD soon. 


My parents celebrated my Birthday on 23rd of SEP, 2006

At Rustic village Entertaining center. Rochester, NY. It was great party.

Thanks Mama, Papa and Srujan Anna for making my Birth day so special

I really Enjoyed!!  I love You!!

16. I am 18 months old now:

I got 16 teeth by now. I am trying to talk. 

Talking the things like Amma, papa,anna,ajja


I am walking , Running ,and Dancing too

17. I am 21months old now:

I am trying to speak lot of new words.

Now I can say my nickname, ‘CHICHA’.

18. I am 2 years old now. 

I enjoyed my Birthday so much. 

Thank you Mom and Dad for celebrating my Birthday, it was so good.

I Love you so much!!

I am trying to speak many new words and also sentences

I love to play with Toys like The Thomas train, Building blocks and Puzzles

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My photos here !! 

1. Shrish New Born

2. Shrish 1month old

3. Shrish 2 months old   

4. Shrish 3 months old

5. Shrish 4 months old   

6. Shrish 5 months old   

 7. Shrish 6 months old   

 8. Shrish 7 months old   

 9.  Shrish 8 months old  

10. Shrish 9 months old   

11. Shrish 10 months old   

12. Shrish 11 months old    

    13. Shrish 1 year/12months  old    

14. Shrish is 13 months old

15. Shrish is 14 months old

16.Shrish is 15 months old

17.Shrish is 16 months old

18. Shrish is 17 months old

19. Shrish is 18 months old

20. Shrish is 19 months old

21. Shrish is 20 months old

  22.  Shrish is 21 months old

23. Shrish is 22 months old

24. Shrish is 23 months old

25. Shrish is 24 months/2 years old


26. Shrish is 3 years old


25. Shrish is 4 years old

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